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Other Guild News

Blood Queen Dead!

Krystoxe, Apr 29, 10 12:10 PM.

4/28 Lana'thel First Kill!

Congrats everyone on a good week's worth of progress! Next up, Sindragosa!


April 20th! Happy 420, Putricide Down with a solid raid team back in action!

TomCalefaction, Apr 21, 10 4:39 PM.


420 Putricide guild first!

what was it 3, 4 attempts?
While yes, some of us came from places the boss was on farm, In an amazing job of coordination with the new raid team we took down Putricide in pro fashion after destroying the content before him. Great job team, seriously. Every individual did what they were supposed to and look what happened.. win!
If you haven't already, read up on Council, Blood Queen and Sindragosa before we hit them tonight. ( I suppose read up on Valithria too, but that's a "gimme" win for us)
Coordination is coming together, LK on Sunday undoubtedly, so get to know that fight as well.

Moving Forward

Krystoxe, Apr 7, 10 2:04 PM.
April 7, 2010

    Last night marked the very first <Calefaction> 25 man, and it couldn't have gone any better. We successfully 1 shot all of the first wing, Festergut, Rotface, and Blood Princes (not to mention the last 3 were 23 manned). Look forward to some pretty kickass progression in the near future. Putricide, Lana'thel, Sindragosa, we're coming for you!

Calefaction, the beginning.

Krystoxe, Mar 26, 10 1:33 PM.
March 26, 2010

Today kicks off the beginning of Calefaction's official recruitment! This goes along side with our official charter, roster, and recruitment status that has been posted over the last few days. Raid plans for the next couple weeks consist of 1-2 ICC 10 run's, depending on how full our roster becomes. Expect 25 man progression to begin quite shortly though, we've already received quite a few good applications!

Week 1

Krystoxe, Mar 21, 10 3:09 PM.
March 21st, 2010

    So the officers have been dishing out a lot of policies and we should have an official charter by next Friday. Friday also happens to be the date we will go public with the server (meaning actual recruitment!). This should give all our friends a bit of time to decide whether they are going to make the switch with us or not. We have come to the decision of a bit more strict initiation phase, which might slow our recruitment process, but allow us to avoid headbanging during progression and give some extra time for our friends to decide on switching.
We will be starting ICC10 runs this tuesday/wednesday, so make sure you sign up on the calendar!
On that note, we'll get back to you guys as soon as we know more! Enjoy Calefaction!
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